Rowdy antics Lolita

Rowdy antics LolitaNo accident Sunday concert of Lolita was held in the Krasnoyarsk theatre of musical Comedy: the singer not so much singing, much amused fans.The show was so enchanting that we decided to just list all the antics that the presenter of the program "Without complexes" arranged on the stage.The concert started half an hour late. The singer does not explain to the audience their late arrival, but appeared on the scene very effectively: when the lights came on, she stood half-naked, wrapped in a towel. Most of the show Lo talked about her beloved. On a monologue about the problems of the female figure "40" it took 20 minutes...During the execution of one of the dances Lolita took the thin hands of the dancer, and his keyboardist, shined and kissed the boots. The singer told a story about how one day on "star Factory" one of the participants for the eyes called lolita "an old bitch". - On the word "bitch" I'm not offended, - said the artist with the audience, but the fact that the "old", I hurt.Lolita did a lot of compliments Krasnoyarsk fans. During one of such appeals to the audience she said: "I stand before an intelligent audience. So let me God not to obokata in Krasnoyarsk!".

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