Orbakaite denied the rumors about her pregnancy

Orbakaite denied the rumors about her pregnancyThe other day Orbakaite performed on the stage of the "Olympic" at the final concert of the young singers under the direction of brothers Meladze.The only real pregnant person at the event was Alsou, who is now expecting her second child from her husband Yan Abramov. Despite well-chosen clothes, rounded tummy, the singer confirmed the rumor. However, the singer has not been officially comment on the information about pregnancy.Rumors about the pregnancy Christina did not emerge for the first time and as always, spontaneously, the newspaper writes. "It's not my secrets!" -refused to comment on the situation, a close friend of the singer. But Orbakaite vehemently denied the gossip. "No, I'm not pregnant in the near future is not going to," said the singer in an interview with "MK", is too dense for me not to schedule.Christine grow two sons from two previous marriages, with Vladimir Presnyakov and Ruslan Baysarov, she is now married to businessman Mikhail Zemtsov. Source: Orbakaite denied the rumors about her pregnancy.

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