Julia Volkova became an adult

Julia Volkova became an adultIn the midst of working on a new album "White robe" Duo "t.A.T.u.". Despite this, Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova's not forget about his personal life. The first is decorating the apartment, and the second builds relationships with young businessman Parviz Jasenovik.As soon as Julia learned that expecting her second child, she gave up all bad habits and start to live a correct lifestyle - to drink juices and oxygen cocktails, take a walk in the fresh air. In search of positive emotions Julia and went with Parviz, the father of the future child, to Cyprus - one of his favorite places."I feel very comfortable and relaxed, - said Volkov. - Great sea, nice beaches, and you can sunbathe Topless - no one will complain to the police.It is in Cyprus four years ago, one lucky photographer captures the singer Topless and hugging her then-boyfriend, writes "Express newspaper".- At first she was mad at me - told us the author of a memorable photo. Then we met, had a warm conversation, and now she's in me, I hope that evil does not hold.In his current visit Volkova behaved quietly and modestly: Topless sunbathed, no scandals with the staff was not satisfied.- I guess I just became an adult and now I don't want negativity, " smiles Julia. - I dream about simple happiness: healthy children, a loving husband, a fulfilling job and a beautiful car. Now I have all these. And I want to savor it, before it disappears... as they say: from Sumy and from prison do not promise! Source: Julia Volkova became an adult.

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