Gluk'oza struck `Thor X Sexy` magnificent forms

Gluk'oza struck `Thor X Sexy` magnificent formsAt the ceremony tor X Sexy" Natasha broke the ban of max Fadeev and had the old name. Problem Natalia Ionova with her ex-producer Maxim Fadeev again gaining momentum.Despite the fact that the former benefactor banned trust to use the name Gluk'oza, at the ceremony tor X Sexy" 21-year-old mother was called by this name. Such behavior threatens the singer court proceedings, because the formal brand "Gluk'oza" registered firm Fadeeva. The company representatives have already warned Ionova about the possible consequences. But despite the troubles, Natasha was not discouraged.The actress returned to its former shape and vengeance is enjoying the joy of motherhood. In Spain, where the ions together with the daughter spent almost half a year, the girl attended an elite clinic. Beauty injections intended to return her waist and slender legs, treated Here by eight hundred euros each. However, manipulation was worth it. At the ceremony, awards for achieve sexual Gluk'oza struck guests and colleagues with great lines. Like you never gave birth!" - whispered in the crowd.But the wife of the young actor Konstantin Kryukov, on the contrary, have added considerably to the weight. After the birth of his daughter Eugenia immersed in household chores and ceased to devote time to the gym. "I just recently gave his wife half-yearly card at the fitness center, but so far we haven't been there," said hero, "9th company", looking tenderly at his wife. The recent scandal not fallen out lovers. On one of the secular parties Constantine appeared in the company of a sultry brunette: a couple embraced, and the actor was clearly drunk. In the press there were notes about a new passion, however, "Thor X Sexy" playboy of the movie showed admirable concern about your spouse: he ran to the girl at the wine and protect it from the crowd, proving that the family was all right.By the way, this time the title of most sexy actor Constantine was not rewarded. This year the prize as the most sexy actor grabbed Vladimir Vdovichenkov. The sexy actress was named Agnes Ditkovskite. Crown sex symbols from classical art tried dancer Sergei Filin and singer Maria Maksakova. Best on TV steel Oskar Kuchera and Tatiana Arno. Main aphrodisiac show business was recognized as a 60-pound Pavel Volya, and a couple of years among athletes were named skaters Tatiana Navka and Alexander Zhulin.World News (#46) Source: Gluk'oza struck tor X Sexy" magnificent forms.

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