The richest model refused to work for dollars

The richest model refused to work for dollarsFrom the U.S. currency declined the main star of the world's catwalks - the Brazilian Gisele bГјndchen. The richest model in the world, as appears from an interview with her sister and part-time Manager, insists on the fees in euros.Last week the US dollar fell to its lowest in many years mark against the Euro, the pound sterling and the canadian dollar. 27-year-old supermodel allegedly earned from January to June this year, with $ 30 million bearings in the situation on world financial markets and has set a goal to avoid green notes because of the uncertainty in their future.According to the weekly Brazilian magazine Veja, when bГјndchen has signed a contract for the demonstration of a series of Pantene hair products, she demanded from the trademark owner, group Procter & Gamble (P&G), payment in euros. P&G management this information has not commented. Meanwhile, according to rumors, Giselle demanded payment in Euro and from the fashion house Dolce & Gabbana for advertising his perfume series The One.Change in financial sentiment sisters confirmed Patricia bГјndchen. "The new contracts more attractive when signed in euros because we don't know what will happen with the dollar," - said the Manager of a supermodel in an interview with Bloomberg financial.Statement of Patricia bГјndchen is reminiscent of the October statement of the investor-billionaire Warren Buffett, who stressed their uncertainty in the strength of the dollar notes, in this regard the air force. "We continue to look more negatively on the dollar than other currencies, so we buy shares in companies that earn money in other currencies," said the owner of Berkshire Hathaway.One more influential in the world economy man, a former partner of George Soros Jim Rogers also was opposed against the U.S. currency. So, according to him, now if he bought the currency, it would be the Chinese yuan, Japanese yen and Swiss francs, but not American dollars.The fall of the dollar is associated with reductions in base interest rates in the US, which from the level in September of 5.25% down to 4.5%. As a result, investors began to show interest in buying other currencies that have a higher profit margin. Source: richest model refused to work for dollars.

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