Selina thanked the ladies that brighten up the leisure of her husband

Selina thanked the ladies that brighten up the leisure of her husbandOnce again, the St. Petersburg theatrical coterie a rumour started that Sergey Selin divorces his wife Larissa. Even a vacation this year the couple spent apart. Larissa went in August in Spain, and Sergei took a friend from his hometown of Voronezh, went to the Dead sea.However, in the promised Land actor has got into the lens of the paparazzi with another female. With the same lady Sergei saw not only the beach but also in various Israeli cafes, at the Bazaar, the hotel...We called Sergei to find out what his companion was captured.- I do not understand what it was about, or rather who. I have pics with different women at home are a dime a dozen. You know, I and with men enough shots. What now, will take me down to the homosexuals? And to me in Israel was constantly approached by fans, swam around, took pictures, went along on the walks around the city. Happiness is that Larisa I understand, Derevnia.How Larissa Selina understands the situation, we decided to see her.- Larissa, say what you with Sergei divorce?- Yes? And I never knew. As always, news about myself I learn from the press. How many times can you get a divorce, we've been divorced almost 20 years ago. It was necessary to solve the housing problem, and that's divorced, and again stamps in my passport to put in no hurry. Once passed by the Registrar's office, and I said, "Larissa, marry me". So, you can say, I was married twice. And both for Selin.- Why did you decide to relax apart?- We don't count each other as their own. Although together rest too. The other day Serezha will travel to Sochi for the shooting, and I am with him. I will morally support her husband, and at the same time rest.- Recently, the whole country watched as you had a snack GIMP...- You speak about "Maximum"? Have oslovili, so oslovili! We wanted to show a ridiculous number that he and Yuri Galtsev was prepared at the Institute. Serge acted as a guide, Yura I replaced. But thanks to the author of this program Mikhail Popov none of the viewers didn't understand what we showed pop number, all I saw as a wife leads her husband on a leash.Moreover, it was commented by the corresponding text, which greatly hurt the image of my husband. We were completely unaware that appear in the program "Maximum", when the talks were announced another program. I think to sue for causing of moral harm.Don't need to keep, to hold- You quietly feel about the fact that Sergei's often seen with different women?"Oh, well, if he's the darling of the public, especially women. Personally I reasons to doubt his feelings were never given. Or... saves me doing it so I don't know anything, and that suits me just fine. I believe that we should not keep to keep.He was seen with a woman at the Dead sea? So what! Thank you to all the ladies that brighten up the leisure of my husband when I'm not around. If he drew attention to beautiful women, then, thank God, he's still Oh-Ho-Ho!- Is it difficult to be the wife of a star?For me he's not a star, but man, that I knew even a poor student. In our house nothing has changed in the morning when he woke up famous. Though he is a creative person, but is firm and predictable, it's easy. Problem son I also never alone did not solve. By the way, Prokhor was hard to live with dad's popularity. The boy, not reading Newspapers, learned from friends that dad leaves the family. The guy was lost and did not know what to say. Now he's a grown man and sees all kinds of rumors with irony. I hope to treat future wife, he will be just like his dad to me.- There were rumors that Sergei had an affair with Zoya Buryak.- No comments. (Larissa long time can not calm down from laughing.)- If he's a jealous husband?- In moderation. In our family all the joys and sorrows are transferred together, but each has its own territory, and no one encroaches on the freedom of another - within limits, of course.- If Sergey still seriously addicted to another woman, you will be considered guilty?- Both. If I understand that the relationship is serious, and feel that leaving me is the best thing for him, wish your loved one happy.THE CASESergey Selin three years ago at the festival "Kinotavr" in Sochi suffered from local prostitutes. An unfortunate incident the actor himself told our correspondent. It turned out that Selina has managed to invite in a hotel room with two prostitutes. The girl asked Sergei to wash. Stepping out of the shower, he found the room no girls, no $1000. Source: Selina thanks ladies that brighten up the leisure of her husband.

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