Bilan hear terrifying torture and threaten retaliation

Bilan hear terrifying torture and threaten retaliationDmitry Bilan in shock for a few weeks on the phone unknown people threatening violence, speaking up in the most terrible words.They promise to steal the singer and his producer Yana Rudkovskaya, blow up their cars, to torture, degrading humiliation. To terminate the telephone terrorism, the hero of "Eurovision" has written the application in militia.First, the terrorists called Bilan only on mobile. In the tube flowed language and threats. And, having heard his voice, the unknown man has unleashed a new thread swearing, not allowing to insert even a word in reply.Not to wag their nerves, Dima decided not to answer calls if the display of his cell phone displayed an unknown number. If he only imagined where it would lead!Realizing that to Bilan them not to call, the terrorists began to "get" the producer of the famous artist Yana Rudkovskaya. The villains are not only threatened, and blackmailed. They promised to publish compromising singer photos, which allegedly shows that he is indifferent not only to the girls and that he allegedly illegal drugs. They demanded a lot of money.For example, the entry of one of the telephone conversations of terrorists with Rudkovskaya:- Yana, Hello, my girl. The situation is very serious consists, not in your favor. He (Bilan) not really the same orientation, which is trying to show. Have to pay money to not have discovered this trick."Well, even if he is gay, that makes it worse not sing.But, she had heard that he's neutered.Guys, what makes it worse sing?- No guys, there is a legal entity!- Fine, and I have lawyers. And I don't really care who's gay, who's not gay. From what Dima orientation, sing it worse than it is.After a few days I didn't call again.- You record it all on film, right?- Yes. I warned about this. I said competent people to do so.- Did you know that you can Cosmas to pull? To put on the record. To bind you in a special shirt, Strait. And you will sit there under the hood...- Very ugly to do the things you do.- Of course, ugly. Not nice to be afraid explosions in the car. This is also ugly.- Are you threatening me?- No."I don't know what they're doing, is worrying, says Rudkovskaya. - Let me at least show the so-called dirt. Much may be said about him, and the evidence so never and did not show.The singer, though he tries not to show the form, but just as upset. Like Ian, he is skeptical about the existence of discrediting his photos. More Dima disturbs another: after all, the villains threatened not only him but also his family - mother and two sisters.Such terrible threats I had never heard of before, " says the singer. - I don't know what have done wrong to people and why would they mock me and my loved ones! I wish the evil Blackmailers, just going to deal with them within the law. These people are cowardly hide their dishonest person, but they will achieve nothing. They will not be able to throw me off balance, will not be intimidated. I don't do nothing for which I might be ashamed. I don't understand what they're doing, but you know, what exactly will be found and punished. This is the concern of law enforcement.Bilan knows of what she speaks. A few months ago he had received on the phone to deal with his family. When the experts was not difficult to find the authors of the Epistles. The singer has no doubt that it will be so with these detractors.We can assume that these threats are associated with litigation that have plagued and Dima, and his producer. The tape began immediately after the widow of producer Yuriy Bilan ayzenshpisa Elena Kovrigina has announced that all rights to the singer belong to her son Michael.However, Dima, nothing against the boy and do not have always talked about their desire to help him, refused to work with the people Kovrigina. He was sure that the law and the truth on his side.Some time later the rights to the singer have been transferred to other companies, and then Dima and the trouble began.The fragment of the statement to the police recorded Yana Rudkovskaya:"It's been a long time I, Yana Rudkovskaya, receive from persons unknown to me the threat.Almost daily unknown call on my cell and home phones, demanding money, blackmailing, talking dirty and threatening, promising to blow up a car. Similar calls are coming to my client's singer Dmitry Bilan.As for me, I recently got a call to read (copy exposure):- Xenia...I hinted that you are engaged in rough sex. Is this true?- Who hinted?- Sobchak.- Why do you Sobchak knit here.- Well, like this blond too good.- These are my personal issues, I am a mother of two children...- Ian, and you make intimate haircut?- So you're a maniac, right?! Source: Bilan hear terrifying torture and threaten retaliation.

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