Pugachev was kicked out of the `Song of the year` the singer Maksim

Pugachev was kicked out of the `Song of the year` the singer MaksimIn the so-called black list of Alla Borisovna hit and popular singer MaksimStated in all the posters of "Song of the year" the girl by the grace of the artistic Director of the concert will not take part in it.Although Mack has sung in the past year, perhaps more hits than any of her colleagues.If Lev Leshchenko, which the diva also did not want to see in the final performance can objectively be reproached for the fact that during the year he never sang a single hit (although the same situation was two years ago, but he was always among the participants of "Song of the year"), in relation to the young singer.All tracks girl was at the top of various charts, and the albums were bestsellers.But Pugacheva, in all probability, my own view on it, and led the diva some other reasons. Some we can only guess. But a few days before the concert, the Directors of the singer and called before an unpleasant fact: Mack in "Song of the year" will not participate.ResentmentThe young singer was not only surprised, but also hurt the way you're treated. With all due respect to Alla Borisovna she was unable to find an explanation for its decision.- I'm surprised to hear that I was not in the list of participants of "Song of the year," says the singer. - My name was even in the online posters. Now I don't want to see.The singer has been reported among the participants, and were negotiating about what song she should sing. But his strong-willed decision of Pugachev changed everything.- It seems to me that someone avenges me or something, or just wants to see me on the stage of the main concert of the country - suggests Maksim.Can't understand the relationship Pugacheva some of the actors and Director of "Song of the year" Alexander Revzin.- All lists of participants is she Alla, " says Alexander Davidovich. She's autocratic, and decides whom to hire and whom not to take to the concert. I don't understand, frankly, what's going on, but I guess she knows better. She's a diva! Source: Pugachev was kicked out of the "Song of the year" singer Maksim.

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