In France painting by David Burliuk not found a buyer

In France painting by David Burliuk not found a buyerOn the first day of the new year picture of the founder of Russian futurism David Burliuk was auctioned in France, but has not found a buyer.The piece "Sailor of the Siberian flotilla" was supposed to be sold at auction in Honfleur for 80-100 thousand dollars, but willing to pay the money is not found, ITAR-TASS reported.Portrait of a sailor in his cap was written by Burliuk in 1911.. As assured chief expert of the auction Christoph Zagrodzki, work Burliuk "refers to his best, the most valuable period because after emigrating to the USA he changed his style"."For Russians Burliuk - a poet-garde artist. We, in the West, unable to meet his untranslatable into other languages poetry, and for us it is primarily a fine artist, close to Paris cubism", - explained the expert.At auction in Honfleur today were for sale and found a buyer several other paintings of Russian artist Pavel Shmarov. Taught him a while Ilya Repin believed Shmarov "great artist", and his works were bought by the Empress Maria Feodorovna. In Honfleur exhibited close to the style of Fauvism paintings depicting human figures on the banks of the river and the sea. Biggest price received for one of them, 3.7 million euros. Source: France painting by David Burliuk not found a buyer.

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