Litvinova congratulated Bashmet, sitting on the toilet

Litvinova congratulated Bashmet, sitting on the toilet The actress was kicked out of the restroom for the guests who came on the anniversary of the famous musicianIn celebration of the 55th anniversary of an outstanding musician Yuri Bashmet flamboyant actress Renata Litvinova threw a fit in the General toilet Big hall of Conservatory, sitting on the toilet and drinking brandy.From the beginning of the evening, the actress, who was the presenter of the concert, was in good spirits and surprisingly knowledgeable character of this lady, holding in his hands. But after the concert ended, Litvinov showed its capricious nature.Once ended with a fabulous performance of the 55 year old Maestro, invited guests - Renata Litvinova, Nikita Mikhalkov, Andrei Solovyov, Alexander Zhukov and Igor Butman went to the dressing room to Yuri Bashmet to personally congratulate him. The celebrant at this time decided to take a break after a long concert.However, the attempt to relax before the Banquet was not successful. Gaggle of stars of the Russian show-business broke into the room of the birthday boy with alcoholic drinks and a storm of congratulations.- Yura! Dear, we congratulate you with your anniversary! - guests congratulated the musician.ToiletSince the room was very small, and the guests - many, formed a pandemonium. Therefore, Renata Litvinova along with other guests went to the toilet near where, apparently, they were much more comfortable.Deciding to amuse their colleagues and have some fun, Litvinov sat in the bathroom on the toilet and began to drink from the bottle of cognac. The actress laughed and clearly enjoyed, as it was in the center of attention. Unexpectedly flamboyant actress in a second changed his tone and began to shoo from the restroom viewers long after the concert we decided to go down the toilet.- Get out of here, " shouted Litvinova. What you see, leave me!BanquetAt the Banquet, where the atmosphere was less formal than at the concert, Yuri Bashmet received congratulations from friends who gradually moved into the Banquet hall of the Gum from the Conservatory. Surprised many Nikita Mikhalkov, who behaved like a little kid. The master of Russian cinema fooling around as a teenager, and finally stopped to control their behavior, starting to drink cognac straight from the bottle neck.Seeing that the guests are having fun as they can, Yuri Bashmet did not lag behind them, and, at the same time as they brought out a birthday cake in the shape of a violin, put on quite a show. The birthday boy began to lick the chocolate sponge strings of a violin, laughing and showing everyone the language.How cute - surprised and delighted Yuri. - Yes it is still edible!Source: Litvinova congratulated Bashmet, sitting on the toilet (video).

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