The results of treatment Karachentsov exceeded expectations

The results of treatment Karachentsov exceeded expectationsAfter the successful surgery on the brain the doctors allowed Nicholas Karachentsov to leave the clinic. According to doctors, the treatment results exceeded all expectations: the artist really went quickly on the mend and feeling fresh and rested.Yesterday Nikolay Petrovich was discharged from the Institute Sklifosovsky.As already wrote "Your DAY" some time ago, experts found that in the brain Karachentsov fluid accumulates. The temporary catheter is not contributed to its outflow, in addition, it needed to be changed regularly, and this procedure caused the patient pain and inconvenience. Then the doctors decided to use the latest method of treatment: they put the patient under the skin of the tube through which the pump fluid from the brain is pumped directly into the stomach.ExtractThe operation was successful, and famous, the patient went quickly on the mend. After each examination, the doctors astonishment shrugged.- It's a miracle that she quickly recovered, " says the clinic's staff. The only thing that complicates the healing process, his addiction to Smoking.Leaving the hospital, Nikolai Petrovich looked very cheerful and energetic. He descended the stairs, carefully supporting wife by the arm, and sat on the front seat of the car.- Nick loves to show the way, " smiled Lyudmila purgina. - It's nice that now it's way home. Source: Results of treatment Karachentsov exceeded expectations.

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