`The Golden compass` is a leader in the North American box office

`The Golden compass` is a leader in the North American box office"The Golden compass", 180-million family film in fantasy style with Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, was unable to force the American public EN masse to go to the cinema.Despite the fact that the film took at the end of the week in first place in the North American box office, earning 26,1 million, this figure was much lower than the original forecasts.New Line Cinema had hoped that a new picture will earn 30-40 million for the first three days of hire. Experts note that the weak start "Compass" is associated with unfavorable market situation. The top 12 films earned a weekend only 73 million, which is 12% below last year's figures, reports Reuters.Note, "the Golden compass" - this is not the first recent big-budget film that failed at the box office. The 150-million film adaptation of the epic poem "Beowulf", which has taken in the past week, as the 5th place with 4.4 million dollars in box office receipts, earned four weeks of hire slightly more than half of its budget of 76 million dollars. Paramount Pictures is hoping that the final fees will reach $ 100 million.Meanwhile, the hit of Walt Disney "Enchanted" continues to show very good results. After spending two weeks a leader in the rental, he now ranks second with 10.7 million dollars. For three weeks the tale managed to collect 83.9 million Under forecasts of experts, only the box office receipts total may exceed $ 150 million. The Disney Studio does not report data on the budget of the "Enchanted".Note, in the worldwide distribution of "the Golden compass" had earned 55 million dollars. Last week the movie opened in cinemas across 25 countries, taking first place in the UK ($18 million), Spain (10 million dollars) and France ($5 million).Festive Comedy took at the end of the week third and fourth place. Tape Sony Corp "This Christmas" was in third place with $ 5 million (42,8 three weeks of hire). The Warner Bros film "Fred Claus" has risen on the fourth place with 4.7 million (65,6 million after five weeks of hire).In limited release successfully started the film "Juno", a story about teenage pregnancy, with canadian actress Ellen page in the lead role. He earned 420 thousand dollars in seven theaters in new York and Los Angeles. Drama "Atonement" by Ian McEwan with keira Knightley and James McAvoy earned $ 815 thousand in cinemas 17 American cities.Leaders of the American rental1. "The Golden compass" (26.1 mln)2. "Enchanted" (10, 7 million)3. "This Christmas" (5 million)4. "Fred Claus" (4.7 million)5. "Beowulf" (4.4 million)6. "There is no place for old men" (4.2 million)7. "August rush" (3.5 million)8. "The Hitman" (3,48 million)9. "Anaesthesia" (3.3 million)10. "Bi Muvi: Honey plot" (2.6 million) Source: "the Golden compass" is a leader in the North American box office.

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