Eddie Murphy left his wife 2 weeks after the wedding

Eddie Murphy left his wife 2 weeks after the weddingMore recently, we reported about a happy event in the life of a comedian Murphy - in the New year he married his sweetheart Tracy Edmonds. However, their marriage did not last two weeks.As reported by PEOPLE magazine, the wedding took place on the 1st of January on the island of Bora Bora in Polynesia, but the marriage was recognized as official, the couple had to secure the bonds under the laws of the States. Now Murphy and Edmonds stated that they did not intend to do that and remain just friends."After long talks and discussions on the topic of marriage, we came to the conclusion that to fasten the knot, we will not," said Eddie Murphy. Similar opinion is shared by the now "ex-wife" actor's 40-year-old producer Tracey Edmonds, reports the Telegraph. "Symbolic wedding we showed each other how strong our love is on the spiritual level, and how we respect each other. We decided to be friends," added the actor.According to the PEOPLE with reference to the environment of the couple, the problems they had during the honeymoon. Murphy repeatedly raised on spouse's voice on the people that drove from Tracy himself. Source: Eddie Murphy left his wife 2 weeks after the wedding.

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