Paris Hilton has introduced her boyfriend to her parents

Paris Hilton has introduced her boyfriend to her parents Recently Paris Hilton presented her current lover Alex Vaggo parents. Apparently, the relationship young people have serious, because not all of their Boyfriends Paris leads to family celebrations.Paris along with Alex arrived at the Madeo restaurant in Los Angeles, where parents miss Hilton Rick and Kathy celebrated the 28th anniversary of the wedding, reports the Daily Mail. As witnesses say, young man (remember, he is a former pizza guy) easily found a common language with family hotel magnates, despite the fact that by nature he is quite modest and shy.Note that this turn of events few could have expected. Recently, the tabloids reported that Paris threw too calm and attemperating the Swede Wagga. Then the paparazzi managed to capture the famous blonde in the company of actor Adrian Grenier, silently exchanging expressive glances. Moreover, just a month ago windy socialite arrived in Moscow for a fashion Week accompanied by 37-year-old TV producer Jason Moore and stayed with him in the same room. However, judging by the photos from a family holiday, a 20-year-old handsome Alex still left his rivals behind. Source: Paris Hilton introduced her boyfriend to her parents (photo).

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