Britney Spears called 6 celebrities with whom she'd slept

Britney Spears called 6 celebrities with whom she'd sleptAt the star party thrown on the occasion of Halloween, Britney Spears shared her lesbian dreams, writes the Daily Star.Britney decided not to dissemble, playing in adult games "Skeletons in the closet" and on the question of who of the celebrities she'd like to sleep, called 6 names. The most shocking thing that the first two of them female!Among star's "lucky" from erotic fantasies miss Spears was listed on the first socialite and friend of Paris Hilton Kim Kardashian. "I really like Kim figure, her skin and hair. Kim is a real woman!" - shared preferences Britney.Also on the list of stars that would be Britney Spears wanted to have sex, featured a 35-year-old star of "Baywatch Carmen Electra. Of the men in it were famous Hollywood bachelor George Clooney, Dean of the father of a large family of Brad pitt, 35-year-old colleague at the scene of the rapper Eminem, model and part current boyfriend Helly berry Gabriel Aubry.I must say, this week, any party involving Britney Spears turns into a scandal. A couple of days ago she made a mad party in Jacuzzi private Villa. According ФактNews, the singer invited guitarist Scott Kohler and another ten strange people in his Hollywood home just two days later after the court took away her children. There they drank vodka, I stripped down to my underwear and jumped in the Jacuzzi. According to Kohler, one guest offered Britney cocaine, saying jokingly that he wanted to sanyati it directly from her breast. And Britney agreed. "She was in a good mood. It's about nothing in the world is not worried," said the musician in an interview with In Touch.By the way, on such entertainment and gifts Spears spends monthly $102 thousand This figure leads the Agency Associated Press with reference to filed with the court a Declaration of income of the singer. It stipulated that the monthly income of Britney Spears makes $737 thousand Of them about $4.7 thousand she spends on meals at restaurants (including on her favorite fast food), $16 million is spent on clothes, almost $50 thousand for the two houses. According to the court, Britney pays $15 thousand to his former spouse on parenting, and plus it is $20 thousand so-called "spousal support". Source: Britney Spears called 6 celebrities with whom she'd slept.

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