Moscow said goodbye to actor Alexander Dedyushko

Moscow said goodbye to actor Alexander DedyushkoNovember 7, just three of the coffin was set on the stage of the White hall of the Central house of cinema in Moscow said goodbye to a popular actor Alexander Dedyushko, his wife Svetlana and 8-year-old son Dima.They all died in a car accident on the night of 4 November, ITAR-TASS reported.Opening a civil memorial service, Director's Guild of actors of cinema of Russia Valery Guschin said: "Today the most mournful ceremony in the entire history of the cinema House. We say goodbye to our Sasha and his family. They were all a single entity. Sasha was only 45, his wife of 31 years, and Dima - just turned eight. His classmates were very eager to say goodbye to each other, but they are still too small for such ceremonies".The three coffins sat relatives of the family Dedyushko - mother Alexandra Elena and mother Svetlana - Lyudmila Georgievna. To support them and to say goodbye to the actor hundreds of people came. To friends, colleagues and the audience was incredibly hard to accept the death of people, tragically deceased in the Prime of life."What happened with Sasha and his family is a horrible disaster of monstrous and absurd situation, stated at the funeral of the famous actor and friend Dedyushko Alexander Peskov. We are all now wanting to cry, but we must pursue the good, because they lived a worthy life.".

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