French police spoiled Sobchak romance

French police spoiled Sobchak romance TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak has managed to get into trouble even in France. Resting along with her fiance Dmitry Savitsky on one of the most expensive ski resorts in the world, Courchevel, "blonde in chocolate" flagrantly violated the law.One evening, together with Dima Xenia went on a rented BMW in the centre of Courchevel. Sobchak, apparently, learned that in Russia she get away with a lot of hands, and violated French laws. On reaching the street where are the best boutiques, Xenia threw the car right on the roadway and went shopping. Meanwhile, the illegally parked police car drove up. The officer several times circled the car around and checked out, locked the door. But the screaming alarm and standing next to Xenia police paid no attention. She simply turned off the security system, not even leaving the store. In the end, the police remained nothing how to write a receipt and to report on the radio about the violation.According to the gendarmes, if Xenia for a few days did not pay the fine, she may never get a Schengen visa and she will be denied entry to France.ConspiracySettled Sobchak and her betrothed in the Suite of a five star hotel "Byblos". And Dmitry avoid publicity was not even register in the hotel. Ksenia banned administrators of someone to connect with her room.At best, according to Russian tourists, the restaurant "Le Springboard" Sobchak appeared only a few days after arrival in France. And even then, seeing a large amount of compatriots who have chosen to dine in the restaurant high on the mountain top, where can only be reached on skis. She was not even embarrassed that the prices in the school was quite proportional to its high location. For dinner Sobchak, Savitsky and their friends have posted over a thousand euros.RomanceThe trip to France for Ksenia and Dmitry, who is familiar to more than half a year, has become something of a pre-wedding trip. Recall that "Your DAY" talked about how Sobchak recently admitted that they will tie the knot in 2008.All his behavior the couple confirmed the wedding day is really not so far. So happy my friends didn't see Sobchak for a long time. In Courchevel Ksenia was saying finally happy that finally I have found a real man.Lovers kissing passionately, alone on the hillside, and back from Catania, every time he arranged a romantic dinner in a mountain restaurant. Xenia, like a good tourist, enjoyed the oysters, French snails and French same soup in a bread pot. While recognized socialite looked... homemade cat, ready to follow paracusis her man anywhere. Even... in the registry office!Source: French police spoiled Sobchak romance (video).

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