Yagudin and Savelyeva confirmed their relationship

Yagudin and Savelyeva confirmed their relationshipThe party on the occasion of the publication of the first issue of the new magazine Andrey Malakhov passed quietly and without sensationalism.Except for the fact that the participants of the show "Ice age Alexei Yagudin and Sasha Savelieva appeared in a nightclub, holding hands, confirming their romantic relationship.But, upon entering the room, the couple broke up because Sasha was in a hurry on the scene. Lesha, so as not to attract attention to himself, climbed into the bed, where already at set tables located artists.Dancing- Alex, come on in, " greeted skater couple Strizhenova.- No, I can't, I'm waiting for Sasha sing, - nervous in anticipation of his passion, said Yagudin.When the group "Factory" appeared on stage, humble and always silent Yagudin seemed to have changed. Olympic champion danced from the heart and try to sing "factory" girls, like their loyal fan. After the performance, Alex and Sasha left, holding hands.StarsSurprised many artists and Sergey Lazarev, who for the first time in a long time appeared in public with a girl. Cute blonde Anya Serezha was introduced to everyone as her close friend and touching nursed her throughout the night.Masha Rasputina was true to herself and made a small scandal. On the stairs lush singer knocked miniature writer Darja Dontsova. Not paying attention to anyone but her own husband, Masha pushed Dasha and haven't even apologized.- I almost ended up under her heels, with irony in his voice was complaining to my friend Dontsov.But perhaps the most significant event of the evening was the arrival of Andriy Danylko, who until a few days ago was confined to a hospital bed. The club jacked disease Danilko arrived well after midnight. Entertain guests on the example of Verka Serduchka, the actor had neither the strength nor the desire. Arriving to the party with Phillip Kirkorov, he and the club was only in his company.- Despite the fact that I don't feel very well, I could not help but come to Andrew - confessed "Z" Andrew. - Malakhov - friend, and friends need to support, and now he needs support like never before. Source: Yagudin and Savelyeva confirmed their relationship.

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