Chulpan Khamatova returned to civilian husband

Chulpan Khamatova returned to civilian husbandIn the capital's cinema "October" was loud famous premiere of disney's "the jungle Book". Actually most cartoons for 40 years, and has presented in Moscow its re-release on DVD in the series "platinum collection".Now cartoon characters spoke Russian voices to voice attracted Emmanuil VITORGAN, Alexei BULDAKOV, Oleg case brought, Svetlana SVETIKOVA, a group of "Dr. Watson".To the children's party in honor of viewing, came many famous parents with their children. Right and left handed interview the star of the series "Sasha Masha Elena Biryukova, who came with her husband Alex and daughter Alexandra. It is important strolled into the lobby of the writer Viktor Erofeev with a two-year old daughter Maya in her arms. Music critic Artemy Troitsky was proud that got the ball for his daughter Sasha.All guests at slaughter were treated to delicious cakes that the kids kneaded both cheeks. Wishing on the face paint painted various animals. And only one prominent man tried to stay aloof from the stir of society, not to get into the field of view of cameras.He was completely absorbed in the care of two lovely girls - wore them cakes, were treated to apples, tried to pre-empt their desire. What was my surprise when I recognized him as a common law husband brilliant Chulpan Khamatova Alexis, who accompanied her charming little daughters - 5-year-old Girl and 3-year Asecco!Evil slanderRecall that a wonderful actress Chulpan Khamatova lives with a former dancer Alexey Dubinin for about five years. To him she left with the little Girl in her arms, divorced with actor Ivan Volkov. Soon the lovers had a daughter Asya.It would seem to live so enjoy. However, recently in a press there were alarming reports: the alleged Chulpan and Alex broke up and see each other online. Moreover, like in Germany in the apartment of Alexei home to his legal wife Larissa, with which he is still not officially divorced!But looking for a gentle handling of Alexei with the girls, his genuine joy from communicating with them, I have the firm belief that the relations Chulpan and Alexei early to put a dot. Most likely, on reflection, they realized that they can't do without each other and reunited.The fact that Alex came to the cinema with daughters without Chulpan, too, is explainable - the last time the actress is very busy in the theatre plus hours of training on the project "Ice age", where she shines in a pair with Roman Kostomarov. And therefore help a loved one, on the Sabbath day decided to go with babies at the premiere, especially valuable.Naturally, I wanted to dot the "i" by asking about all of Alexei. Barely waiting for the end of the session, I approached a friendly family - Alex at this time, carefully dressed in warm jackets Arish and Asya.- Did you like the cartoon?- I asked the little girls.- Of course, a very good cartoon."Is it true that you Chulpan decided to leave?- I turned to Alex.Ignoring the question, he immediately hurried, "come on, Kids." - and headed for the exit of the theater, holding the girls hands. Source: Chulpan Khamatova returned to civilian husband.

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