Children Britney Spears taught to `grass`

Children Britney Spears taught to `grass`News from the family of Britney Spears steeper and steeper. We had not time to exhale from the news about the marriage of Britney and her sister's pregnancy - how please new shock: Britt accuses ex-husband Kevin Federline that he gave to their sons... marijuana."Britney was sure that Kevin was Smoking shoals in the presence of children, say friends of the singer. She insists that the children were able to smell, besides their clothes became drenched with the smell of weed. Britt smelled it when she came to pick up the kids on a date".The hour is not easier. I think they all have to go, or to pour arsenic, or banish them to some Uryupinsk on the washing of the brain. Erupciones quickly explain to the couple what the real truth of life... Source: Children Britney Spears accustom to the "grass"".

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