A new smaller Breasts Jordan better than the old

A new smaller Breasts Jordan better than the old The Brits sure: after reduction surgery breast glamour model Jordan (Katie Price) began to look better. Shortly before Christmas, Jordan in Los Angeles reduced the bust by as much as four sizes, from 32FF to a 32D.Itself she says impressed. In his column in the magazine OK! Jordan wrote: "I find my new Breasts just cool".Before the surgery, Jordan said that she decided on her because after the birth of three children, her Breasts are sagging. The bust Jordan boasts a rich history. First, natural size 32V it in the late 90s was increased to E. The second operation brought him to a 32FF, and the third changed the form.In addition to the chest, Jordan corrected in Los Angeles, a hooked nose, and got rid of my traditional deep tan.But I think her fans? Because superbalita chest turned Katie Price to star. Newspaper the Sun decided to figure it out and made a survey among the readers. The result: 80% of the 8,000 voters felt that the updated Jordan looks better than the old one. Source: New breast reduction Jordan better than the old (photo).

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