`Fabrikantok` stripped for a men's magazine

`Fabrikantok` stripped for a men's magazine Before you go home, the beautiful half of "factory of stars - 7" took part in an erotic photo shoot for men's magazine MAXIM.Long to persuade on this adventure the girls had. They were promised that all their intimate places will be thoroughly covered. It was more difficult with colorful exotic beauty by Cornelia Mango. But the girl was convinced that "the wizard" "Photoshop" will transform it so that the mother would not know.- I would like that men looked at me from the other side - confessed "Z" Cornelia. - I am able not only to jump on the stage, but also can be sexy and attractive!DakotaDuring the filming of suddenly having problems with naughty girl Dakota. When the girl took off his use outfit, everyone saw that she had a perfect figure and, it turns out that the third breast size. However, capricious asterisk flatly refused to be photographed in a sexy swimsuit.- Initially I thought it all went, - shrugs Dakota. - I put on a suit that was three sizes too small. And when I bent over, I have everything falling out everywhere.An alternative to swimsuit found very quickly. The girl wore a top with a hole on the chest and a sexy shorts.The hardest part was Nastia Prikhodko. The girl had a high fever, and she appeared before the cameras in the literal sense of the word "tipsy". By the way, Anastasia is the only one of the girls who dare to bare Breasts, covering her playful mesh. But Kate Tsypin fretting shame.- In life I have a hateful image unavailable girl is worried she is. And in the magazine I brought almost a negligee. Everyone will be in shock!Source: "Fabrikantok" stripped for a men's magazine (photos).

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