Jodie foster officially outed herself as a lesbian

Jodie foster officially outed herself as a lesbianActress jodie foster has finally decided to publicly appear together with his life partner, producer Sidney Bernard, with whom she has a relationship for the past 14 years.Thus, Jody almost officially confirmed all the rumors, speculation and secret information about their sexual orientation - all that she suppressed or denied before.Receiving the award "Women in show business," Jody from the stage, thanked "my beautiful Cindy, which took me all the sorrows and joys". At these words Sydney was moved to tears.The pair met in 1993 on the set of the movie "Sommersby" and together with children Jody, 9-year-old Charles and 6-year-old whale. Foster has never revealed the secret name of the biological father of my boys.Recently Jody and Sidney often could be seen together. Journal of gay Out even put Jody on the cover this year with the question: "Why the stars won't admit to?". Critics suggested that Jody is afraid to reveal their sexual orientation because it could adversely affect her career, and was reminded of a comedian and a leading Ellen DeGeneres, whose series was covered immediately after Ellen admitted in connection with actress Anne Haich.However, Ellen is now one of the most popular and successful TV presenters. Apparently, this loyalty of the society and encouraged Jody to stop running. Website Lesbian Life already wrote my opinion on this subject: "did Not think that code will wait for that day. Maybe it happened because children grow and Jody she doesn't want them to think being gay or lesbian is a bad thing. Maybe she's just frickin ' tired of life in the closet. Whatever the reason, we are very pleased that Jody found the courage to be honest with myself." Source: jodie foster officially outed herself as a lesbian.

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