Alsu filled neighbors in a round sum

Alsu filled neighbors in a round sumPenthouse singer Alsou and her husband Yan Abramov became the hero of the scandal and possible litigation. A few days ago in the apartment, presented to show the div's parents burst one of the pipes.Water rushed downstairs and filled the room from the neighbors. Fortunately, alarm, warning about the problems, worked fast, and the water was hastily terminated. However, the number of spilled liquid was enough to make the neighbors millionaires submitted an application to the court. Flooded residents appreciated the damaged property at 22 000 dollars!!! That's as many, according to the victims, they cost once the tile and a special kind of plaster made of natural material.Now versed in the incident the insurance company. At the time of the accident the owners of the penthouse was not. Alsu and Yan prefer to live outside the city, in a house that was donated to the wedding Abramovi. It is still unclear how had caused the problem. Three times a week in an apartment comes the maid, but the woman said that on the day of the flooding she had the day off. Moreover, after each cleaning she personally checks the serviceability of all components and the day before did not find anything suspicious. Source: Alsu filled neighbors in a round sum.

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