Adopted daughter Jolie is the result of rape

Adopted daughter Jolie is the result of rapeEthiopian girl adopted by Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, was conceived as a result of rape.Mentale Crushes, the biological mother of two-year-old Male, told me that one evening in 2004 after a busy day at the construction site in the southern city of Awasa she returned home and was attacked.When the woman walked in the darkness, approached the rapist. "He pulled out a knife and had his hand over my mouth so I couldn't scream. Then he raped me and disappeared," with tears in his eyes told Mentale Reuters.24-year-old woman decided to keep it to tell, fearing the censure of the people. As her belly grew, Mentobe could no longer hide the pregnancy and trust the mother."It wasn't like I was afraid. My mother understood and comforted me. She convinced me not in a hurry to do anything that could endanger my life," said Mentale.Mentale gave birth at home and called the girl Jamrah, which means "good news" in Amharic. But soon she realized that she is unable to feed the child."My child was on the verge of death. She did not eat and could not even cry. I was desperate and decided to run away instead of having to see my baby die," says the woman.The mother of Mentobe for several months looking for her and eventually gave the girl up for adoption, believing that her daughter died.Mentale stated that her mother did what you thought was best, and denied reports in the media that she wants to get the girl."My mother, no one was misled. She tried to save the child from death, I completely understand. I have never disputed the adoption of my child Angelina Jolie. I think my daughter is a very happy person, once it has adopted a world celebrity. I wish them both every success," she said. Source: adopted daughter Jolie is the result of rape.

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