Sergey Zverev could not hide the erection

Sergey Zverev could not hide the erectionFor sexual attractiveness of domestic stars seeded the diamond decoration and mobiles.In this case, leading Tina KANDELAKI and Timur Kashtan the BATRUTDINOV so unequivocally joked that some participants were excited not childish.In the club, where the ceremony took place, granted, perhaps, the most prominent figures in show business. Glitch-Oza Natasha Ionova for six months after birth resulted in shape, but the figure of the singer is still far from ideal. That's why the title of the "sexiest" she had never been, had to give statuettes other athletes, Tatiana Navka and Alexander Zhulin.Shantel was delighted, but could not Pornichet:- What luck! The sexiest man weighs less than the sexiest woman of our show-business! - compared resident "Comedy Club" their power with a sparkling bare tummy Vera Brezhneva.Vladimir Vdovichenkov there is some very serious reason not to be on the distribution of elephants. So the gift was not lost on the stage instead of him rose Albina dzhanabaeva from "VIA gra" and accepted the gift from the hands of the radio host Alla Pavlova Dovlatova. Star party immediately revived: is the tried and Albina associate romantic feelings?- No, we Volodka just friends, do not think anything bad. I will pass on the award presented to him tomorrow morning - disappointed prying singer.The group "VIA Gra" came to the ceremony in a truncated part. Albina was embraced with a former colleague Vera Brezhneva, but the second project participant, Meseda Bagaudinova, did not even appear in the list of invitees.Rumor has it that Vera is going to return to the team instead of neprezimlilsa Meseda. Indeed, the "sexiest stars" music fans are clearly not enough.I'm so tired that all they say about my allegedly silicone Breasts - Brezhnev complained to her friends in a bar, opening a deep cut. - Today specially wore a deep neckline, let him see that I was all - natural.But amazed the guests are not natural Brezhnev bust, and an equally prominent part of the body of Sergey Zverev. The "king of glamour" as it was described Kandelaki, came on stage to present the award Pasha Will.He popped in a hurry, when the soundtrack songs Zvereva already launched. All at once he understood why the stylist was late in the dressing room - he just wasn't able to subdue the erection.Alas, 23 centimeters, about two years ago, Sergei told "Express Gazeta", has not been observed - on the strength of 17 - 18. However, for a glamorous stylist too bad.Natasha Ionova with wistful expression all evening sat at a table with Sergey Kozhevnikov - the General Director "Russian Media group", which includes a popular radio station "Russian radio". Ionova wants to return to the charts, but there is one problem - no voice. The singer was married to a top Manager of RAO "UES of Alexander Chistyakov and recently gave birth to a daughter Lida. Even pregnant Ionova broke off relations with the company "Monolith", which owns all rights, not only for her songs but also for the project "Glitch-'oza". We have been told that "Monolith" found orphaned in a new singer, which in the future will present to the public (see article "Glitch-'oza threw her producers"). To change from one girl to the other in this case will not be easy - we first wrote about the fact that all the songs for the project record does not Ionova, and the wife of max Fadeev Natalia, who lives in Prague.The very same Natasha, as in one voice say her co in the "Jumble", does not know how to sing. So, whose voice now sounds under the "guise" Natasha Ionova, no one knows.WINNERSShow business: Shantel and Vera Brezhnev.Movie: Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Agniya Ditkovskite.Classical art: Maria Maksakova, Sergei Filin.TV: Oskar Kuchera and Tatiana Arno.Sports: Alexander Zhulin and Tatiana Navka. Source: Sergei Zverev could not hide the erection.

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