Kovalchuk eventually ruin the `Shiny`

Kovalchuk eventually ruin the `Shiny`It seems that in this case the women's team is very bad. As it became known from reliable sources, the group leaves the most experienced of the remaining soloists - Julia Kovalchuk.Following the example of the ex-participants of Zhanna Friske and Anna Semenovich she parted with "Shiny" after a successful participation in a television show.Recall that Julia was the winner of the project of the channel "Russia" "Dancing on ice. Velvet season". Insightful Kovalchuk decided that now is the time to start a solo career, and announced to the producers about their care.- Yes, I really will quit - admitted "Z" "brilliant". Right now I am finalizing the last concerts, and after the New year I won't be in the group.As found "Z", enterprising producers have already found a place on Yulia's new soloist. But will they be attractive to a girl in the group, this is a great question. They had their eye on the participant "Factories of stars - 4, a sore throat, but she has a contract with the company of Igor Krutoy. And negotiations are not finalized yet.- Angina not suitable for "Brilliant", in short, she's curiosities, " says Kovalchuk.However, about the future of the group, the girl doesn't worry, she's much more concerned about his own career. And as she confessed to Julia, she already has agreements with new producers.- I already talked about his collaboration with the producer of "Tokyo" Marat Hairutdinova, - says the singer. - With the new year it will fully engage me, and we'll show what I'm capable of.And the producers of "Brilliant" will once again for the year to wrestle over how to solve the personnel problem. It's possible that eventually they will be forced to announce the dissolution of the group. Source: Kovalchuk will finally disorganize the group "Brilliant"".

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