Kuzmin decided to leave the wife at home

Kuzmin decided to leave the wife at homeSinger and musician Vladimir Kuzmin usually at all events appears with a young wife Katya. The girl often accompanies the singer during the tour. But now Vladimir seems to prefer to travel without his wife.So, for a concert in Tula singer arrived very late, and without Katie. According to rumors, she is very capricious, jealous and because of this are often satisfied with the scene, do not hesitate to outsiders, writes "KP-Tula". However, Vladimir himself called another reason for the lack of the couple at the concert."I want a wife stay young and beautiful for as long as possible," said the musician. So she is now at home resting. Because together we spent the whole day on the program "Factory of stars-7", where I am a teacher. And here I jumped right in from shooting.According to the singer, projects like "American idol". "Really talented people in Russia is very small, so the producers of this transfer is necessary to do a great job of picking a strong team," he expressed his opinion Kuzmin.The most talented "fabricando" Vladimir without hesitation calls his own daughter Sonia. "By the way, she began a solo career," said the artist. - I already wrote her whole album". Source: Kuzmin decided to leave the wife at home.

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