Ksenia Novikova decided to enter into a civil marriage

Ksenia Novikova decided to enter into a civil marriageThe former "brilliant" Kseniya Novikova changed the place of residence. The girl gathered his things and finally moved in with her boyfriend. The singer refuted rumors that after leaving the popular group she fell into a deep depression.Says Ksenia, not flashed in the light of it for one simple reason - Novikov actively arranged for his personal life. All summer lovers did not get out of Europe, traveled the length and breadth of Spain, France and England, where vengeance was checking my feelings. And here after two years of very close contact young people have finally come to the historic decision henceforth to live together.Another historic decision Novikov took in splendid isolation - the singer is not going to ruin my career, and preparing to record a solo album. Says Ksenia, her songs will now become much more serious.MK-Sunday (#45) Source: Kseniya Novikova decided to enter into a civil marriage.

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