The film is about a dying lesbian nominated for `Oscar`

The film is about a dying lesbian nominated for `Oscar`For the Oscar nominated documentary, presenting a chronicle of the last months of life of a terminally ill lesbian, who has long served as a police officer.The film is about her struggle with government bureaucracy for a pension for a life partner.The movie "Freeheld," directed by Cynthia Wade (Cynthia Wade) was one of eight nominees for the award for the best documentary of the year, according UKGayNews. The main heroine of the film - Laurel Hester (Laurel Hester), which is at the terminal stage of cancer and is fighting for her pension was transferred partner Stacy Andre (Stacey Andree).Detective Hester served 25 years in the investigations division in new Jersey, regularly putting their lives at risk. She never expected that the last year of her life she will fight for the rights of his beloved woman.Hester believed that public efforts to combat discrimination in the first place will help other people in a similar situation. Despite rapidly deteriorating health, Laurel was able to lead a social movement that has spread across the country."Before the death of Laurel I promised her that the film will be nominated for an Oscar, so its history is learned as many people as possible, especially important in a presidential election year," said Wade. - "August 15, 2007, when Laurel would have turned 51 years, we have applied for an Academy award".However, Wade emphasizes that "Oscar" is not its purpose. "It's just a tactic to attract the most national attention to the issue of the rights of same-sex couples on the eve of the 2008 elections," she says.Battle Hester with officials ended with the victory of January 25, 2006, when the decision was made to appoint Andre retirement. Less than a month Hester died, at the time of death was at her side, Andre. Her friend and former partner in the police, Dane wells (Dane Wells), said on the day of her death: "She died in peace with himself, knowing that her struggles have helped many people". Source: the Film is about a dying lesbian nominated for "Oscar"".

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