Navka divorces her husband because Basharova

Navka divorces her husband because BasharovaAfter Ilya Averbukh and Irina Lobacheva decided to divorce and another well-known pair in figure skating. Recently it became known that he had decided to leave Tatiana Navka and Alexander Zhulin.According to relatives to athletes people the reason for their breakup was Roman grooves with the popular actor.Navka and Zhulin met 14 years ago. In 1993 they started a whirlwind romance. Then Alexander was married to a skater Maya Usova. In 2000, Tanya admitted Zhulin was expecting his child. From that day they decided not to leave. In the same year Zhulin divorced Usova and married Navka. A few months after the wedding they had a daughter Alexandra.Maya Usova was never able to forgive her ex-husband of this novel. She flatly refused to ride with Zhulin, and he was forced to find another partner.According to rumors, after the project "Stars on ice" grooves flashed an affair with her partner, actor Marat Basharov. This news was a shock to her husband. Relationship skill sets Basharova and lasted several months. Finally, tired of these conversations, Zhulin took the difficult decision to leave. As friends say Zhulin, he would have done this before but tried to save the marriage for my daughter.According to the newspaper "Life", while Tatiana and Alexander are not yet officially divorced, but live in different apartments. Navka on a request from the newspaper to comment on the situation, there is nothing to deny, but explained: "I are not able to say anything about it. I'm just not ready for this!" Source: Navka divorces her husband because Basharova.

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