Pregnant sister Britney Spears has dumped boyfriend

Pregnant sister Britney Spears has dumped boyfriendCasey Aldridge, the boyfriend of 16-year-old sister of Britney Spears Jamie Lynn, threw his girlfriend. Such a step, the young man explained that he does not believe his paternity. In addition, he demanded a DNA test which will prove the words of Jamie Lynn.It is worth noting that Jamie Lynn, having recently announced her pregnancy, official statements did not.Sister Britney Spears talked about her pregnancy in an exclusive interview to OK! however, she was not informed who is the father of her unborn child. "Casey is pushing for a DNA test. Until then, until proven paternity, he is not going to continue my relationship with Jamie Lynn," - said a friend of Britney Spears, reports Digital Spy.As previously reported by the Telegraph, according to some family Spears paid student Casey Aldridge for the fact that he has acknowledged his paternity. The real father of the unborn child 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears is allegedly another man who is much older than her. If will know the name of the real father of the unborn child sister Britney Spears, the man faces a fine and imprisonment for sex with a minor.Family Jamie Lynn Spears has not commented on the latest information, while adhering to the position that the father of the unborn baby girl is Casey Aldridge. She currently runs special courses for parents, and preparing to become a mother. Moreover, as we know, Jamie Lynn had to abandon the role in the teen series, where she played a major role. On the insistence of the producers of the project. Source: Pregnant sister Britney Spears has dumped boyfriend.

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