Tarzan got a tame wolf

Tarzan got a tame wolfFamous showman Sergey Glushko (Tarzan and husband of singer Natasha Koroleva) for the film "Vlastimir" had to learn to ride, to fence, to play in the cold in his shirt and to communicate with wolves.And with one of the representatives of this species to the artist even managed to make friends. "Before, I never had so close to see the wolf, hear him howl! It's not the dog, it's a real wolf! We have all the crew from him was in ecstasy! enthuses Sergey.To the question, how did you manage to establish contact with the wolf, Tarzan replied:"Well I, dumber than others? Everyone who worked at the site, along with him. Though he is a manual (it was a trainer), but the gut-wolf. If you're holding a piece of meat - to be with you anymore".In the new Russian fantasy "Vlastimir" Tarzan got the role of a hero, the gallant old Russian Prince Izyaslav, who defended their land from bloodthirsty conquerors. For such a complex and serious roles Glushko did not spare himself: all the tricks were performing himself. He was drowning in a viscous swamp Vyborg forests in sub-zero temperatures, fought the enemy hand to hand and with swords, and stop a galloping horse. To do this, had to seriously prepare for shooting, horse riding and fencing."Yes there was nothing complicated!" - modest Sergei, but adds: "Although overseas actors that choose to do would not. The weather conditions were heavy and I had to play in a coarse shirt and barefoot. And so here I sit in November on the ground, right on top of you pour ice water! Only vodka and sauna saved".The set of Vlastimir" came to an end, now Sergey Glushko preparing for the dubbing of his character. In addition, he has a lot of other things - performances with his wife Natasha Koroleva, corporate parties, work in the theatre and participation in the project of the First channel "Two stars". Source: Tarzan got himself a tame wolf.

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