Released personal letters of lady Di to the lover

Released personal letters of lady Di to the loverIn the course of an ongoing investigation surrounding the death of Princess Diana were publicized personal love letters that she wrote to her lover - Dodi al-Fayed, reports The Sun.In one of them the Princess thanks Dodi for what he brought joy into her life. In a letter dated August 6, 1997, she wrote: "Darling Dodi, only the heavens know how I can thank you. Every minute with you was full of laughter and happiness. As if from my shoulders fell the heavy burden. As always, I thank you for what you brought such joy into the life of this "Chicks".The letters were made public to show how close was their relationship. The above letter was written on the last day of his vacation, which Diana had with Dodi on the yacht, and in less than a month before their death .The second letter was written on 13 August 1997. In it Diana mentioned the cuffs, which, according to her, were the last gift from her father. She wrote that gives these cufflinks Dodi, "knowing how he'll be happy".Rosa Monkton, one of the closest friends of Diana, during the hearing said that Diana had extravagant to write and speak, but agreed with the statement that these letters indicate that the relationship of Diana and Dodi were serious and not just a fleeting romance. Source: Released personal letters of lady Di to the lover.

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