Garik Sukachev was nearly shot by a drunken fan

Garik Sukachev was nearly shot by a drunken fanGarik Sukachev got into serious trouble at the concert in Chelyabinsk. Drunk employee of the local municipality, having saluted official identity, tried to break onto the stage during the concert of the group "the untouchables" to attempt to ally with a rock star.Between protection and rowdy fight ensued. The troublemaker had to be restrained with tear gas, according to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".The drama continued after the speech of the "Untouchables". Enraged perp got off the bus musicians in his jeep, kicked out the window of the barrel and began hysterically screaming, "Or let Garik's coming with me to drink and eat the goose, or I don't trust myself! - yelled out the window all the same man. - I have a car full of weapons, I still will get you!".

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