Gregory Leps torturing itching

Gregory Leps torturing itchingAt the concert of Grigory Leps, the songs "Natalie", "tango of broken hearts," "angel of tomorrow", in Vladivostok on Tuesday night was a full house.The tickets were sold out several weeks before the show. Dissatisfied there is nobody: Leps beautifully sang and joked a lot.- Na-TA-Lee. Quench my sorrow... for rubles! - improvised on-the-go artist. And compliments from the audience, "Grisha - you're the best!" very relaxed, "I know! Who doubt".However, those wishing to argue with this statement were not the only people dragged on stage armfuls of flowers and scented idol in a hot embrace. Presented Leps and unusual gift - two boxes of Chinese alcohol.- Oh, - confused Leps. After a serious illness, the musician doesn't drink alcohol, so I didn't know at first how to react to the gift. And took it silently behind the scenes.But, despite the fact that with the audience Leps was quite friendly, communicate with journalists, he flatly refused. The organizers of such reticence is explained by the fact that Gregory Leps poured on the face of intense irritation, so he doesn't want to glow in front of cameras, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda - the far East".The correspondent of the newspaper decided to see what was so shy singer, and took an autograph from the stars, feeling kissed his rough masculine cheek. But no obvious problems with the skin in the Leps were found. Maybe it is the miraculous power of makeup, or maybe it was just an excuse. Because Vladivostok is one of the last cities in the list of his concert tour in Russia: obviously, he's just tired. Source: Gregory Leps torturing itching.

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