Abdulov turned to traditional healers

Abdulov turned to traditional healersThe famous actor Alexander Abdulov seems to have lost faith in the possibilities of conventional medicine. They say the artist decided to seek help from practitioners of alternative medicine healers.The doctors encouraged the actor to move at such distances, but it is still a few days left the capital and went to Kyrgyzstan. Lives there the man who is rumored to have found the means to cure cancer.Recall, Abdulov cancer of the right lung, and at a stage when traditional medicine gives a few chances for recovery.In an Israeli hospital the actor was offered the operation, in Russia - medicamentosa treatment. But Alexander Gavrilovich decided to try another way.In Kyrgyzstan there are a pensioner, who had the same diagnosis as that Abdulov. Now, according to doctors, no sign of tumor in the body of a pensioner no, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". In the same way the man seemed to be cured and the local priest and other patients. The pensioner tried to get official confirmation of the effectiveness of their medication. But his mixture of the physicians in the study did not take, saying that no funds for its study.The other day Alexander Gavrilovich returned from Kyrgyzstan to Moscow. But relatives of the actor and he doesn't want to talk about the goals and results of his trip. Source: Abdulov turned to traditional healers.

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