In the U.S., selected the most healthy and unhealthy stars

In the U.S., selected the most healthy and unhealthy starsJessica Biel and David Beckham have been named the healthiest celebrities, news the title of the friend of Justin Timberlake and famous football player awarded the site visitors SoCal Cleanse Detox, devoted to the purification of the body. Meanwhile, singer Amy Winehouse has been named the most unhealthy star among the women.Ex-husband of Pamela Anderson Tommy Lee was the most unhealthy among men who received 45 percent of the vote, and alcoholic David Hasselhoff took second place with 22 percent.23-year-old Amy, who is currently trying to overcome my addiction to alcohol and drugs, "won" by a large margin, receiving 47 percent. The site offered her a 12-month supply of the drug SoCal Cleanse Detox Formula, as well as a special course of cleansing the body.Most healthy women:1. Jessica Biel - 35 percent2. Carrie underwood - 22 percent3. Rachel Bilson - 20 percent4. Jessica Alba - 16 percent5. Tyra banks - 7%The most unhealthy women1. Amy Winehouse - 47 percent2. Paris Hilton - 21 percent3. Tara Reid - 16 percent4. Courtney Love - 13 percent5. Heidi Montag - 3 percentMost healthy men1. David Beckham - 28 percent2. Matt Damon - 26 percent3. Jake Gyllenhaal - 18 percent4. Matthew McConaughey - 16 percent5. Zac Efron - 12 percentThe most unhealthy men1. Tommy Lee - 45 percent2. David Hasselhoff - 22 percent3. Vince Vaughn - 18 percent4. Kiefer Sutherland - 11 percent5. Jonathan Rhys Meyers - 4% Source: U.S. selected the most healthy and unhealthy stars.

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