In Vienna under `Euro 2008` was the Opera ball

In Vienna under `Euro 2008` was the Opera ballUnder the sign of the upcoming in Austria of the European championship on football of Euro 2008 in Vienna on the night of Friday, there was the world-famous Opera ball, the guests of which were more than 5 thousand people.Among them is the country's political leadership, representatives of Austrian and international business elites and prominent figures in the arts and Sciences, outstanding athletes, including the Kaiser of German football Franz Beckenbauer.Among the guests were the famous American stripper and ex-wife of shock-rocker Marilyn Manson Dita von Teese in the company's 75-year-old tycoon Richard Lugner, as well as the star of the popular series "Desperate Housewives" Teri Hatcher. Also at the ball appeared speakers last year at this event, the Russian Opera diva Anna Netrebko and ex-wife of the famous musician Mick Jagger Bianca Jagger.The Central event of this year 52 of the ball was the presentation of 22 ballet dancers expanded on in the center of the main hall green "football field". Dressed in a football uniform artists in the dance depicted the battle of the two teams. The "ball balls" was also a Spanish tenor and devoted fan of football Jose Carreras.After main output of 200 pairs of debutants of the ball was followed by the coveted appeal: "all are Waltzing!" Then began the dance, which usually lasted until morning. Peace and security to the guests of the Vienna Opera ball guarded 700 police officers in uniform and in plain clothes. The Opera house was cordoned off, and skip to it from 19:00 local time began only guests of the ball. According to police, no incidents recorded.Note, in earlier times, the holding of balls at the Vienna Opera was often accompanied by mass protests all sorts of radical citizens, in recent years, though their activity is markedly decreased. This year, for example, the city authorities had not received any applications for holding rallies or demonstrations.But in 2003, more than 1,400 police officers defended the area around the Vienna Opera, where the ball, from 700 demonstrators. However, without incident, was not. Were arrested on 30 pacifists and the anti-globalization movement, the most radical methods expressed their disagreement with the "organization of the massacre in the middle East". The demonstrators pelted police with eggs, tomatoes, bottles and beer cans, " fortunately, the injuries no one got it because the police were covered by bullet-proof shieldsIn 2002, during the Vienna Opera ball, when demonstrators behaved more aggressively arrests among them was less. Mainly in the insulator includes those camping, who smashed the car and tried to arrange a pogrom in the center of Vienna.Note that this year the income only from the Opera ball, according to preliminary estimates, will amount to more than 1.1 million euros. Just as the ball season this year, according to forecasts of the economic Chamber of Austria, will bring 54 million euros. On average, Baloo guest spends about 200 euros, but at the Vienna Opera this amount increases, because the entrance ticket costs 230 euros, a glass of champagne - 25 Euro bottle of this drink - 290 euros, a couple of hot sausages - € 7, a portion of the three oysters - € 16, a seat at a table in the lobby to allow members to relax, eat and drink, to 320 euros, and a Lodge of the first tier - to 17 thousand euros. Source: Vienna under the sign of "Euro-2008" has passed the Opera ball.

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