The pensioner was seen in binoculars, as Rob Baskov

The pensioner was seen in binoculars, as Rob Baskov The case of the daring robbery Nikolai Baskov took an unexpected turn - on one of versions, it is possible that the popular singer was robbed by its own security. Version is based on the testimony of the witness appeared the incident.He was a pensioner Yurii P., who from the window of his house watched... through binoculars.RobberyImmediately after February 27, near the shop "Crossroads" Slavic Boulevard was robbed by Nikolai Baskov, began to take active steps to finding the perpetrator. However, the investigation was stalled, as no evidence and evidence of robbery was not.- It is always possible to find something, treating the area with a radius of two kilometers around the place of accident, say investigators - and there's no Gallet, no trace of escape, no witnesses during rush hour...However, after some time the result was released on the pensioner who testified opposite the existing indications protection Baskov."I invited the son, - has told "Your DAY" Yuri, " and, waiting for him, went to the window to see where he can Park. It turned out that the place is not.Yuri picked up an old pair of binoculars and noticed a suspicious man in a white sweater, walking out of the store "Crossroads". He was a security guard singer. Soon he was approached by a partner. Was a short conversation and when the second man left, the guard dialed Nicholas, to inform him of an alleged robbery. General description the singer was shocked by the incident - lost briefcase full of money, jewels and expensive him an icon. But to think at the guard then he could not.Source: the Pensioner was seen in binoculars, as Rob Baskov (video).

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