Family Polishchuk fell out over the inheritance

Family Polishchuk fell out over the inheritanceAfter the death of the famous actress Lyubov Polishchuk in her family was split. The culprit was left by the artist of the inheritance.If you believe the rumors, three days after the death of Lyubov Grigorievna widower Sergey Tsigal took the keys to the apartment, where she was an actress, her son from her first marriage Alexey Makarov.According to the newspaper "Arguments and facts", the wife of Sergey Tsigal and Lyubov Polishchuk owned an apartment in the city center, land in Crimea, three cars and a mansion in Koktebel. After retiring from the life of the actress by the heirs of the first stage are considered to be the mother of Olga Polishchuk Panteleevna, husband, Sergei Tsigal, son Alexey Makarov and daughter Masha Tsigal.But Olga Panteleeva and Alexey Makarov decided not to sue and not to claim the inheritance, not wanting to contact other relatives."I don't want to raise this issue", - says Alexei. He gave the keys to the apartment without objection and moved into a Studio apartment, once acquired with the help of stellar mom.According to one of the colleagues of the actor, now Makarov is not fundamentally communicates with Tsigal and his daughter, his half sister, although in the past they had good family relationships. Source: Family Polishchuk fell out over the inheritance.

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