False love `star Factory-7`

False love `star Factory-7`On "Factory of stars-7", of course, not without a love adventure project participants. The brightest couple became, perhaps, Cornelia Mango and mark Tishman. However, in practice this love proved false.After the final concert mark gave vent to his feelings and openly admitted it attracts a completely different girl. So, the beloved singer was Anastasia Prikhodko.It was her he was kissing and hugging behind the scenes "Olympic", hiding from the flashes of photographers. Apparently, the lovers and only waited to be alone, outside viewed from all sides of the cameras Star home.According to Mark, his "engagement" by Cornelia was all just playing to the audience. These feelings were not.By the way, mother Cornelia was a long time ago sure. "It is unlikely that this novel will continue after the end of "American idol", she was expressing an opinion. - This is the show, and therefore everything that happens in front of the cameras, only part of the program.But Nastya Prikhodko Mark is different. "With Nastya, we are like two kindred soul," admitted "manufacturer" magazine "7 days".It turns out all this time Cornelia and mark just drove all around by the nose. This game of love for the sake of the viewers are not uncommon.For those wishing to "build love" there is even a special reality show. But music and other reality shows usually also not without romance. For example, on "star Factory-4" Timati and Alexa were able to dramatically raise their ratings by playing the tender feelings. Source: Fake love on "Factory of stars-7"".

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