The list of the most beautiful superheroines

The list of the most beautiful superheroines They are beautiful and sexy, know how to shoot a pistol, to revenge, to assume the form of other people, they're fighting bad guys and oppose injustice. The ABC website has compiled a list of superheroines different years.Wonder woman"Wonder woman" appeared in All Star comics in December 1941, and in 1975 came the television series with actress Linda Carter in this role. In the TV series "Wonder woman" went to serve in the army under the name Diana Prince and basically fought the Nazis.SupergirlActress Helen Slater tried to repeat the success of "Superman", but the film failed. Even obligasi red and white suit "Supergirl" could not save the film 1984.CatwomanActress Julie Newmar played Catwoman in 13 episodes of" Batman" in the 60-ies. Episode two of the season was on ABC. In the movie "Return of Batman" in 1992, the role of the predator was played by Michelle Pfeiffer.MysticRebecca Romijn plays in the TV series "X-Men "Mystique", a mutant that is able to assume the form of other people.Lara CroftIn 2001 Angelina Jolie first appeared in the role of Lara Croft in the film based on the computer game "tomb raider". In the film, she fights with the villains and collect artifacts around the world.StormHelly berry plays in the TV series "X-Men" the girl nicknamed "Storm", which is able to control the weather. The character "Storm", it's Ororo Munroe, first appeared in comics in 1975.Jean Grey/PhoenixRedhead Jean grey first appeared in the comic "X-Men" in 1963. She has an innate telepathic and telekinetic abilities. In the same film her role is played by actress Famke Janssen.BatgirlAlicia Silverstone in 1997 he starred in the role of "the Joker" in the movie "Batman and Robin". It was a new character interpretation: in the film she is the niece of Alfred Pennyworth and not the daughter of Commissioner Gordon, as in the comics.RascalActress Anna Paquin plays in the movie "Claim" in 2003, the rascal, the girl is a mutant that has the ability to "suck" the power of all those to whom she touches.ElectraActress Jennifer garner starred as the killer ninja nicknamed "Electra" in the 2003 film "Daredevil". The heroine avenges his father, and killed "Daredevil". Source: List of the most beautiful superheroines (photo).

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