Galkin will set in the mansion of the Golden bowl

Galkin will set in the mansion of the Golden bowlNew home of comedian-TV host is ready to accept host this summer. The six-storey mansion, built almost two years, almost completed. At the beginning of 2008 will begin its interior decoration.The Palace Maxim Galkin, located in the village of Mud, have grills and staircases, fireplaces and plumbing part. By the way, the house has an area of three thousand square meters is planned, several bathrooms, two on each floor. To the selection of furniture for bathrooms Maxim came up with due fervor. The Royal interiors of one of the restrooms will complete the Golden bowl.A piece of pottery covered with real gold leaf, the facilitator gave friends. Resting on the Cote d'azur, the friends of max visited the hotel Negiesco, night stay which costs about a thousand euros. There's something the Russians and discovered the miracle of technology. In a five-star hotel of gold were made even sinks and showers.Expensive unit hade to order in a German company. At a conservative estimate, the product of the precious metal has cost the celebrity friends in 6300 USD. The bulk of the cost amounted button barrel drain, made of gold 750-th sample, and several plates of silver, pinned under the rim. Silver, as it turned out, you need to disinfect a precious bun.Galkin had not yet decided what to do with the gift. The mansion of the stars, of course, draws the interiors of the Royal Palace, but every kitsch is the limit. To give the jewel to his beloved friend Maxim, apparently, is not solved. Alla Borisovna and so criticized for his lack of taste by going this summer for a visit.World News (#46) Source: Galkin will set in the mansion of the Golden bowl.

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