Galkin does not consider himself a suitor Pugacheva

Galkin does not consider himself a suitor PugachevaAlla Pugacheva, having gained invaluable experience artistic Director of the Russian "star Factory", recently went as a teacher to the "Factory of stars" Ukrainian. Diva was accompanied by her longtime companion Maxim Galkin.Despite the fact that she Pugacheva first hints, and then directly spoke about his novel the humorist, their relationship is still pretty weird.So, at the train station in Kiev Maxim very ugly cost with Alla Borisovna. Galkin did not even shake the hand coming from the car companion, writes "KP-Ukraine". So the next stage of courtship joint visit was like a little.In General, the presence Galkin became a surprise even for greeters hypnotherapy journalists.Despite the lack of attention other mood the singer was great. She had a smile for everyone, not shouting to the crowd at the car photographers.However, local journalists to take the opportunity to make a record number of pictures happy divas failed. Around Pugacheva had too many guards, but the limo she filed almost to the car.Celebrity guests stayed in one of the best hotels of Kiev. Alla Pugacheva settled the presidential Suite cost a little more than four thousand dollars a day. However, a lot of time in hotel star spent: the next morning, the singer was taken outside the city, in the Star house of the Ukrainian "factory". It is known that Pugachev came just a couple of days, in order to sing along with the rising Ukrainian star.To learn about how much a Alla Borisovna has agreed to nurture foreign "manufacturers", failed. We only know that Pugacheva has promised an amount equal to two times the fee for similar work of Philip Kirkorov. Source: Galkin does not consider himself a suitor Pugacheva.

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