Son Bulanova growls like an animal

Son Bulanova growls like an animalTatiana Bulanova, as any mom knows all the habits of their children. With special attention she now refers to his younger son Nikita. The child cannot speak yet, so Tatiana tries to understand the mood of the boy from the sound of his crying.Meanwhile, the first son Sasha Tatiana Bulanova appeared at the dawn of her career, when the singer was married to her producer Nicholas Tigrinum. Two years ago the actress married football player Petersburg "Zenith" Vladislav Radimov, and on 8 March this year, the couple had a son, Nikita."I know exactly how Nikita cries when he's hungry, when due to the pain, and when naughty," says the singer. - Capricious, it makes a sound similar to the roar of the creature.To calm her son Tatiana often uses their professional skills. "Yeah, usually I sing, and he answers something ugukaet - shares Bulanova. - He likes to touch my nose and rustling paper. Somehow it seems to me that he is growing faster than the first son.".

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